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We are focused on bringing best in class solutions to organic waste streams that are produced in the agriculture and agri-food processing sectors.  We strive to surround each project with the highest quality relationships,  extensive industry expertise, first in class technology, and  hands-on management on every RES, LLC waste-to-value project.

Through our resources and experience in design, building, and operating waste-to-value projects,  we maximize the sustainable benefits from biogas and/or thermal energy production, greenhouse gas emission reduction, pathogen destruction, water and air quality enhancements as well as producing high quality soil amendments.

RES was founded to be a catalyst for change and to create a better future for the next generation.   We are committed to be a productive, innovative company that will greatly enhance the existing waste management system and surrounding environment in which our projects operate.  We are driven to be responsible stewards of our business and the environment and we are passionate about what we do and the measureable benefits our projects create.