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Board of Managers & Partner

Mr. McNamara is a member of the RES Board of Managers, and a Managing Member of RES Investors, the investor group for OR 1.Mr. McNamara began his career in 1980 with O’Connor and Company working at the New York Futures Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. In 1982 he founded McNamara Trading, Inc., a trading and floor brokerage company specializing in financial and commodity futures and options. Over the tenure of his 17 years as CEO, Mr. McNamara was a member of every major U.S. futures exchange and served on the Board of Directors for the New York Cotton Exchange, New York Futures Exchange, and as Chairman of FINEX. He was also Founder and Chairman of FINEX Europe, which is a CFTC regulated currency futures exchange located in Dublin, Ireland.

In 1998 Mr. McNamara “retired” from the trading floors to start businesses that dis-intermediate opaque markets by deploying a transparent, central marketplace model. The companies he co-founded include:

  • Financial Auction Network, Inc. (“FAN”) – FAN is an internet auction based trading system designed to attract hidden pools of liquidity in equity markets. FAN was ultimately sold to NASDAQ and is the technical architecture underlying Primex.
  • Intrade, Ltd – Intrade is the world’s leading prediction market. Intrade has traded over 300 million contracts, and provides relevant and valuable financial, economic, and social information by extracting consensus information from market participants. (intrade.com)
  • Quadriserv, Inc. – Quadriserv has created a centrally-cleared marketplace for securities lending transactions, which is the largest opaque market remaining in the equity sector. Quadriserv has partnered with Options Clearing Corp, Eurex, and other major industry participants in this effort. (quadriserv.com)

Mr. McNamara is an angel investor and Board Member of Revolutionary Energy Solutions and Binary Event Network (www.benmarkets.com). He also serves as a Board Member and Treasurer of a non-profit: SHARE (www.shareinafrica.org). Mr. McNamara graduated from Fairfield University in 1980 with a BS in Finance.