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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion (AD) uses microorganisms to break down organic materials in the absence of oxygen.


The process produces biogas, consisting primarily of methane. Methane gas is the same hydrocarbon (CH4) as the prime constituent of natural gas. The process also produces a liquid product that contains all the plant nutrients of raw manure, but in more biologically accessible forms.

The anaerobic digestion process can be operated under three conventional temperature levels:

  • at low temperature: psychrophilic, 75°F to 79°F;
  • at medium temperature: mesophilic, 95° to 115°F;
  • at high temperature: thermophilic, 140°F.



buy lasix overnight delivery process operates at unconventional temperatures in the psychrophilic range from 75° to 79° F. The process uses bacteria conditioned to thrive in low-temperatures to digest a variety of organic substrates, allowing for greater system stability, enhanced tolerance to high nitrogen feedstock toxicity and minimize energy balance requirements.  This makes it ideal for farm use in North America’s colder climate. Over a decade of scientific research backs the technology.


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