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Consortium Renewable Energy Partners, LLC (“CREP”) / Consortium Capital

CREP, an affiliate of Consortium Capital, is a Member of RES. Adam Bernstein, chief executive of Consortium Capital (, is a Member of the RES Board of Managers.

Consortium Capital is a capital markets business that grew out of the platform developed by The Bernstein Companies over its 80 years in commercial real estate. The firm’s work has also resulted in partnerships in relation to renewable energy including solar panels and anaerobic digestion facilities.  The Bernstein Companies’ long standing presence and relationships in the Washington, D.C commercial real estate community provide the firm with access to brokers, lenders, consultants, attorneys, developers and principals throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  The firm’s principals have been partners for 20 years and the senior management team has an average tenure of 12 years at the firm.

Adam Bernstein joined The Bernstein Companies as a third-generation owner of the Washington DC-based real estate firm. As President of The Bernstein Companies he is a recognized leader in the real estate development, investment and management business in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, where his companies are directly involved in a vast array of properties as owner, manager, developer and/or lender.

Mr. Bernstein has been responsible for forging successful alliances with institutional investors and other equity partners.  Under Mr. Bernstein’s direction, Consortium Capital completed transactions totaling over $1 billion and 3 million square feet in its first eleven years of operation.  In addition, he is President and CEO of Consortium Atlantic Realty Trust, a private REIT in the Mid-Atlantic region formed in March of 2006 with an initial $200 million worth of commercial assets.

Mr. Bernstein is a graduate of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (BS in Economics).  He remains actively involved in the university and was recently named President of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Advisory Board.  Mr. Bernstein is committed to Washington DC and the community at large-a key legacy of his family’s distinguished history. Following in the line of a successful real estate and banking family, he was previously on the Board of a local banking institution and formerly served on the Regional Advisory Board of Sun Trust Bank. Mr. Bernstein currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of Pennant Park Investment Corporation, a business development company publicly traded on NASDAQ.  He has previously served as a member of the Mayor’s Business Roundtable, and is also actively involved in numerous charitable, civic and professional organizations.