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Brian Barlia

Founder, Managing Partner
Mr. Barlia is a founder, Managing Partner and serves as the Chief Operating Officer of RES. He is also a Managing Member of RES development and operations subsidiaries RES Services NC LLC and RES Services Oregon LLC. Mr. Barlia has been in the commercial real estate industry, including real estate development, management and construction, since 1985. He founded Peak Corporation in 1987. Peak has focused on structured project finance with a specialization on utilizing tax credit financing in its project funding for urban redevelopment projects in the Washington DC metropolitan area, including commercial and affordable housing. Peak has focused on acquiring underperforming assets that require hands-on management and new strategic direction in order to maximize the income. In 1998 Mr. Barlia formed Barco LLC, an affiliated company exclusively focused on the preservation of affordable housing. The company acquires and re-develops older urban apartment properties utilizing Low Income Housing Tax Credits and Tax Exempt Bond Financing. Barco, LLC was the first company to utilize Tax Exempt Bonds to finance non-affiliated multifamily projects in the District of Columbia, now a common application. In 2001 Mr. Barlia formed Triangle Ventures LLC to joint-venture with public and private entities in the development of mixed-use and mixed-income projects at transit-oriented sites. Triangle Ventures has completed several joint venture agreements for the development of residential apartments, residential condominiums and retail offerings. A graduate of Boston University, resides in Washington DC and sits on the board of Bio-Terre Systems Inc.

Brad Karrer

Director of Corporate Operations
Mr. Karrer serves as Project Manager & Director of Corporate Operations at RES. He is a real estate professional with over ten years of specialized experience in residential, commercial and mixed use development. His specialties include: underwriting due diligence, financing and implementation, project proforma preparation and sensitivity analyses, and asset management. At RES, he is responsible for coordinating site management and engineering personnel, managing project pipeline contract administration, supporting new project development opportunities, initiating and deploying corporate technology strategies and operations plans for existing and future projects. Prior to RES, Mr. Karrer was a Housing Financial Analyst for the District of Columbia Government – Department of Housing and Community Development, Portfolio and Asset Management Division responsible for 300+ multifamily housing assets totaling $600 million. He was also a Financial Analyst for commercial and residential development at Vornado/Charles E. Smith where he modeled for a major repositioning project affected by the Base Realignment and Closure Act of 3 million square feet in the Crystal City, VA, submarket, and managed project design team and consultants in the conversion of an office building into a 265-unit Class A LEED-certified multifamily residential building. Mr. Karrer holds an MBA in Finance from the George Washington University in Washington DC, and a BS in Operations Research & Mathematical Modeling from the University of Michigan

Sean McNamara

Board of Managers & Partner
Mr. McNamara is a member of the RES Board of Managers, and a Managing Member of RES Investors, the investor group for OR 1.Mr. McNamara began his career in 1980 with O’Connor and Company working at the New York Futures Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. In 1982 he founded McNamara Trading, Inc., a trading and floor brokerage company specializing in financial and commodity futures and options. Over the tenure of his 17 years as CEO, Mr. McNamara was a member of every major U.S. futures exchange and served on the Board of Directors for the New York Cotton Exchange, New York Futures Exchange, and as Chairman of FINEX. He was also Founder and Chairman of FINEX Europe, which is a CFTC regulated currency futures exchange located in Dublin, Ireland. In 1998 Mr. McNamara “retired” from the trading floors to start businesses that dis-intermediate opaque markets by deploying a transparent, central marketplace model. The companies he co-founded include:
  • Financial Auction Network, Inc. (“FAN”) - FAN is an internet auction based trading system designed to attract hidden pools of liquidity in equity markets. FAN was ultimately sold to NASDAQ and is the technical architecture underlying Primex.
  • Intrade, Ltd - Intrade is the world’s leading prediction market. Intrade has traded over 300 million contracts, and provides relevant and valuable financial, economic, and social information by extracting consensus information from market participants. (
  • Quadriserv, Inc. - Quadriserv has created a centrally-cleared marketplace for securities lending transactions, which is the largest opaque market remaining in the equity sector. Quadriserv has partnered with Options Clearing Corp, Eurex, and other major industry participants in this effort. (
Mr. McNamara is an angel investor and Board Member of Revolutionary Energy Solutions and Binary Event Network ( He also serves as a Board Member and Treasurer of a non-profit: SHARE ( Mr. McNamara graduated from Fairfield University in 1980 with a BS in Finance.